The Vesting Contract is deposited at the Department of Lands and Surveys by the signing parties, i.e. the transferor and the transferee. The transferor has the right to vest his/her rights and obligations set out in the Sale Contract to a third party (transferee), without the vendor’s written consent. This means that he/she can donate or sell his/her rights/obligations as a purchaser, to another person.

Required Documents / Conditions / Samples:

  • Application Form Δ.Ε.130 (deadline for submission to the Department of Lands and Surveys – within 6 months from the date of signature)
  • The original contract duly stamped or a duly stamped copy (with original signatures) and with evidence of the original contract being duly stamped
  • Πιστοποιητικό Διευθέτησης Φόρου Κεφαλαιουχικών Κερδών και Τέλους για Σκοπούς του Κεντρικού Φορέα Ισότιμης Κατανομής Βαρών (Έντυπο Ε.Πρ. 411)


  • The contract is to be deposited by the transferee and the transferor, or their attorney or by the registered real estate agent, who has mediated for that real estate transaction, provided that he/she has submitted the respective declaration by the real estate agent.
  • The documents signed by the applicants must bear a signature certification.
  • For any vesting contract deposition to be accepted, a Contract of Sale should already be deposited.
  • Fees / Charges:
a) €20.00For vesting between relatives up to third degree of kindred or between husband and wife
b) For any other vesting other than that described above, 0.5% on the sale price as this is determined in the Contract of Sale, or on the amount that is determined in the Vesting Contract, whichever of the two amounts is the higher, with minimum fee €50.00and maximum fee €3000.00

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