Real Estate Services


We undertake the Sale / Rental / Management of your property, providing each individual with an excellent quality professional relationship, trust and absolute confidentiality.

All land / cadastral services are offered.

Property Management


Comprehensive finding of a suitable tenant, preparation of lease agreement, rent collection, arrangement of payment of expenses, property inspections.

Real estate management involves overseeing of a variety of properties, such as residential buildings, commercial buildings, and industrial buildings. The goal of real estate management is to ensure that the properties are well-maintained and operated in a way that maximizes their value. This can include tasks such as collecting rent, handling repairs and maintenance, and coordinating with tenants. Real estate managers may also be responsible for developing and implementing strategies for increasing the value of the properties under their care, such as by making improvements or attracting new tenants. Effective real estate management requires a combination of business acumen, financial knowledge, and interpersonal skills.

Real Estate Appraisals


In cooperation with CP PAVLIDES L.L.C. we provide comprehensive valuations on all types of properties throughout Cyprus. The valuations are carried out by experts who visit your property and provide professional valuation services.


The valuation of a property aims to determine its value at a specific point in time. A full picture of the market value of a property is in the interest of both the Seller and the Buyer/Investor.

Land Registry work

Our firm provides you with full coverage for everything related to real estate.

Land survey work

Tax work

Administration – Inheritance

Power of Attorney



Consultancy work.



We undertake the execution of your project at your site and on the basis of your plans. We are at your disposal to submit our offer and work with you until the completion of the project.



  1. We design
  2. We develop
  3. We implement
  4. Extensive market research
  5. Maximum and best use of your property.




Together with our partner Architect Thalia Andreou, our excellent team of associates and our professional construction management consultants, we offer you a wide range of building services, advice, from the planning stage to the completion of a new property.

Legal Services


With the cooperation of our legal advisor Christos Alexandros, a qualified lawyer, we provide legal consultancy services to our clients whenever such a need arises with great consistency and high professionalism.

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