Once the co-owner obtains the Certificate of Indivisibility, he/she proceeds with the service of a copy of the certificate, including a notice, to the other co-owners, who are in Cyprus and invites them, within a period of thirty (30) days, to reach an agreement so that the property may be transferred to one person, otherwise he/she shall apply to the Director of the Department of Lands and Surveys, for sale by auction.

Required Documents / Conditions / Samples:
  • Application form Δ.Ε.178
  • Affidavit and other relevant supporting documents for service of the notice to the co-owners, which documents could be used as evidence in court (advices of receipts from post, notice pursuant to Section 28(1), proof of service, if service was not made personally in the presence of a witness and if made in person, the applicant should state in the affidavit the place, the date of service and the name of the witness).
  • Copy of the Certificate of Indivisibility (so as to be submitted as exhibit in court)
  • Additional affidavit is needed if the applicant is unable to serve the notice and a copy of the Certificate of Indivisibility on his/her co-owners.
  • Δ.Ε. 281Α
  • Δ.Ε. 281Β
  • Δ.Ε. 281Γ
  • Certificate issued and signed by the President of the Community in the boundaries of which the property is situated in cases where there are co-owners residing abroad and which are mentioned in the affidavit
  • Photocopy of both sides of the applicant’s identity card or passport or ARC (for foreigner applicants)
  • Reference of applicant’s postal address and contact telephone number(s)
  • If the application is submitted by a Proxy, either through a General Power of Attorney (fee of €50.00 for depositing the General PoA) or through a Special Power of Attorney (no fee), the Power of Attorney must be placed in the special box outside the building of the District Lands Office. The Power of Attorney must be duly stamped and the signature thereon certified.

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