Commitment to Full Transparency and Reliability

Kypros Estates: Commitment to Full Transparency and Reliability

Kypros Estates undertakes a wide range of services, including sales documents, rental contracts, tax exemptions, and property transfers. We operate with absolute transparency and honesty, offering our clients a reliable and secure experience in the real estate market. We are committed to providing complete and accurate information about each property, ensuring that our clients make the best possible decisions.

Problems in the Real Estate Market

Problems in the real estate market are significant and affect both buyers and sellers. The main issues include misinformation, non-disclosure of charges, and legal problems. Below are key points describing these problems and their impacts:

  1. Misinformation and Opaque Practices Sales listings often do not provide adequate information or may be misleading. Brief descriptions without details on the legality of the properties or existing charges can lead to incorrect decisions by buyers. For example, buying a property without a building permit or with debts can result in significant financial losses.
  2. Hidden Debts and Expenses Failure to disclose existing debts, such as communal charges or other obligations, is a major issue. A buyer may suddenly find themselves a debtor without knowing it, causing severe financial difficulties and insecurity for potential buyers.
  3. Legal Problems Selling properties with illegal alterations or without necessary permits can create legal difficulties for the new owner. Illegal constructions and legalization difficulties are significant obstacles to property utilization and reduce their value.
  4. Unregistered Roads and Access The lack of registered roads or access to properties can be a serious obstacle to their development or use. Without official access, the development of a property is not allowed.
  5. Tenants and Reduced Value The presence of tenants, especially in cases of long-term tenants, can reduce the attractiveness, marketability, and value of a property. New owners may find themselves in an unfavorable position if they need to deal with existing tenants.
  6. VAT Ambiguity Unclear disclosure of whether a property is subject to VAT creates additional uncertainty for buyers. This can affect the budget and the final purchase decision.
  7. Property Valuation Issues Incorrect or inadequate property valuation can lead to excessively high or low prices. This can negatively impact both sellers and buyers, creating a sense of insecurity and distrust in the market.
  8. Difficulty Accessing Financing Obtaining financing for property purchases can be challenging, particularly in cases where banks are hesitant to grant loans due to economic uncertainties. This can limit buyers’ options and affect overall demand in the real estate market.
  9. Uncertainty Regarding Future Developments Buyers may worry about future changes in the area around the property, such as new constructions or zoning changes. The lack of clear information about future developments can affect the purchase decision.

Proposed Solutions by Kypros Estates

To address these problems, Kypros Estates adopts the following practices:

  • Transparency and Honesty: Our listings provide complete and accurate information about the property’s condition, charges, and permits.
  • Legal Checks: Our clients have the option to conduct a full legal check before purchasing, ensuring that the property has no legal issues.
  • Independent Inspections: We collaborate with independent appraisers and real estate consultants to confirm the property’s condition and avoid misinformation.
  • Training and Education: Our managers and sellers are properly trained to provide accurate information and better serve our clients.
  • Financing Advisory: We offer advice and guidance to our clients on available financing options, helping them secure the necessary funds for their purchase.
  • Information on Future Developments: We provide information about future developments in the area around the property, ensuring our clients are fully informed about prospects and potential changes.

Our commitment to transparency and honesty at Kypros Estates contributes to improving reliability in the real estate market, reducing problems, and enhancing the trust of our clients. With our experience and expertise, we are the right choice for those seeking reliability and security in their transactions.

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